Sludgey Sludge announced today that he would campaign against President Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination. Critics scoff at this announcement citing Sludge’s notorious anti-environment record. Mr. Sludge is the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Alternative Facts about Fossil Fuels (NAAAFFF) and donor to Better Out […]

Breaking News: Sludge to Campaign in 2020


Man vs butter

Transcript from first unofficial press secretary interaction with the press.   Reporter: “Why as the press secretary of the white house are you clearing the air about the size of the-”   Sean Spicer immediately interrupts the man.   Sean Spicer: “Because this is about… The truth.  It’s not like […]

Press secretary defends size of trump’s small penis

Dearest Barron, I was told I needed to congratulate you on your family’s success.  Congratulations, your father has defeated the 2nd best Clinton to ever run for office.  I hope you enjoy this room as much as myself and hillary did.  Yep it’s true Hillary and Bill lived in separate […]

A Letter To Baron Trump From Sasha Obama

Read First: Source-TheRegister   A child looks at a small cylindrical object placed in the family room in wonder.  She scans the room make sure none of the big mean people are around. Coast is clear. An object that she observes the big people ask questions to and some how […]

Alexa, what is child abuse?

  A recently transplanted Pennsylvania man saved Christmas for dozens of Kenosha, WI elementary students by pulling off a valiant Santa impression.  Doctors appeared alarmed by the sudden cardio vascular growth seen in the good Samaritan immediately following the praise of his peers.   In other news… Doctors puzzled by recent findings that […]

Kenosha News Now!

Earlier this week, Mark Zukerberg and company rolled out changes to their small independent social media platform in wake of promoting a reality TV star to the highest office in the world.  In an effort to alienate more of their core members, Facebook has decided upon itself to move from […]

Facebook’s fast functioning fake fact finder found flawed.