Facebook’s fast functioning fake fact finder found flawed.


Earlier this week, Mark Zukerberg and company rolled out changes to their small independent social media platform in wake of promoting a reality TV star to the highest office in the world.  In an effort to alienate more of their core members, Facebook has decided upon itself to move from censoring traditional news stories to stories of less credibility.  Parents will no longer be able to post pictures of their imaginary children, memes will still be permitted as long as they direct conversation towards conflicting opinions, and lastly the most notable change will require users to post selfies before signing into the website.

Sporkfed was able to catch up with Mark on his private, favela filled, island for comments on the fake news controversy.  

“Fake news has been found to be a very powerful tool,” said Zuckerberg, “users are finding it very difficult to differentiate between our hidden agenda and the actual dinosaurs flying through space.  We are determined to crackdown on malicious and innocent posters alike, no longer will our wants and needs go unfulfilled.  Gone are the days where freedom reigns!”  

Unfortunately, Mark “The Zuckster” Zuckerberg was unable to answer any follow up questions due to the cacophony rising from his hyperbolic echo chamber.  Zuckerberg was last seen boarding an Occulus Rift to continue data mining Facebook news feeds in the matrix.  

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