Alexa, what is child abuse?

Read First: Source-TheRegister


A child looks at a small cylindrical object placed in the family room in wonder.  She scans the room make sure none of the big mean people are around. Coast is clear. An object that she observes the big people ask questions to and some how it magically answers them.  What was the last thing they asked her? “Alexa, how much time can a child go without food?”

Damn you Alexa and your part in this child’s torture. Her mind runs wild with the possibilities of what else could it do. All she has ever wanted in the whole wide world was to play dollhouse. Or maybe food more than once a day, oh and a name on her food dish like Baxter has, so he might stop eating hers. No… a dollhouse for sure. Maybe finally her wish can be granted.  She stands up on her tippy toes and squeaks “Alexa, can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?” The cylindrical black object’s lights spin and a voice answers “Order is Placed”.  


The package arrives… Shoot her mom got to it first. One thing mom won’t be able to send back to amazon is the social services the little girl was able to call while her mom was dealing with the mystery package. Only the little girl accidentally misdialed the phone number to to malnutrition. She called the local news instead. This is the mom’s face as a man with a camera and woman with a mic approach the house.

If you watch the video you can clearly make out the girl blinking in Morse code T-O-R-T-U-R-E.

Disclaimer: Now we at sporkfed are not saying this child is being abused. We are just saying we just had Christmas and her parents didn’t get her the only thing she has ever wanted in the whole wide world. Bad Parents if you ask us, and we would know, as we aren’t parents.

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